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Hudson Valley Foie Gras introduced the United States to foie gras in 1983. From there, we have expanded to provide a vast array of raw, and ready to eat duck and chicken products. We are located on 200+ lush acres in the beautiful Catskills Mountains. Our fundamental value is caring for the animals. In our more than 30-year history we have set new global standards for animal care. Unlike in Europe, we manage the entire farming process from raising and feeding, to processing, and even further processing. A tasty animal is a happy animal. Every animal is cared for individually, with space to roam freely and no cage or antibiotics ever. No part of our animals is wasted – the bones, skin, fat, feathers, and even waste are all used or reused sustainably.
Top Experts
We are founded by chefs for chefs. What makes Hudson Valley unique is the connection of the farm to chefs, foodies, and the culinary world. Hudson Valley’s founders - Michael Ginor and Izzy Yanay - are inductees into the James Beard Foundation’s Who’s Who of Food and Beverage and are a core part of the culinary community in the US and worldwide. They felt that to get the perfect product, they needed to control the entire process – from raising the animals to processing and cooking. By doing so, we can maximize quality and freshness, and increase the connection of people to their food. We also built an artisanal kitchen at the farm where we produce our ready to eat charcuterie products. We are continually innovating and creating new products that push the boundaries of gourmet food production. We encourage visitors to give us a call and arrange a visit.

Also, check out our award winning cookbook – Foie Gras A Passion!

The Farm
Moulard ducks are the foundation of culinary tradition in Gascony, France. Our Moulard Duck is a hybrid of the Pekin and Muscovy breeds. They are raised cage-free in open barns, on a diet of vegetables, grains and other carefully sourced ingredients, with no added antibiotics or growth hormones. We emphasize a stress-free environment and plenty of space to allow natural flocking behavior. Our Moulard ducks produce the finest, meatiest and largest duck breast on the market, known as magret. The legs are perfect for confit. The foie gras speaks for itself. Our duck is proudly served by many of the top chefs and restaurants in the country.
Over the years we have developed a special breed of duck we refer to as the Hudson Valley Duck. This breed is a hybrid of the heritage Mallard, and Muscovy breeds and is reminiscent of heritage ducks from France. In between the larger Moulard and smaller Pekin in size, our Hudson Valley Duck fits the perfect profile. The breast is very meaty, with a deep red color and steak-like texture. Try dry aging whole for uniquely tender meat and crispy skin that is unmatched.
We partner with small family farms to produce antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken in a boutique program. Every chicken is certified humane, and raised free-range. We air-chill our chickens, which is a unique process that maximizes tenderness. We also produce slow growth red heritage chickens, which are raised twice as long as the average chicken, and have a very distinctive flavor. We farm chicken as it should be. Our chickens are served by many discerning chefs at the finest restaurants in the country.

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