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Three new short documentaries on Hudson Valley Foie Gras' People, Products &

Practices shine light into what makes Hudson Valley the premiere producer of foie

gras, Moulard duck, and organic chicken in the United States.

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The Farm

Welcome to Hudson Valley Foie Gras. Our farm is located in Ferndale, New York,
on 200 lush acres in the Catskill Mountains, a lovely two-hour drive from New York City.
Our spacious cage-free barns shelter our ducks from varying weather conditions,
especially freezing conditions from September through May in the mountains, and
protect them from wildlife predators. 
We raise and process our Moulard ducks on the farm.  Each duck is individually
evaluated by a US Department of Agriculture Inspector under strict guidelines for
wholesomeness.  Please look for their seal of approval on all of our offerings.
Hudson Valley Foie Gras is committed to keeping our farm connected to consumers 
and chefs.  We celebrate America’s burgeoning interest in meeting the farmers that 
raise their food. At Hudson Valley Foie Gras, we take great pride in our stewardship of 
our ducks and believe that unbiased visitors should have the opportunity to visit us. Call 
to arrange a visit. Media are welcome by appointment. Pictures are permitted.  
From everyone at Hudson Valley Foie Gras, thank you for your patronage. If you’re ever 
in the Catskills, give us a call. We look forward to meeting you and showing you our 
The Ducks
The Moulard is a cross between the white farm duck, the Pekin, and a South American 
duck, the Muscovy. The Pekin has a mild flavor; the Muscovy, a gamy flavor. When the 
two breeds are crossed, they produce a high quality, deliciously unique flavor sought 
after by the finest chefs worldwide. 
Moulard ducks have a special ability to store fat in the liver.  Like the Muscovy, they are 
ground-foraging ducks. Moulards don’t fly and are not fans of open water.  These 
characteristics make the Moulard the ideal breed for producing foie gras.  
Foie Gras
Foie gras (fwä-grä) is the fattened liver of a waterfowl. To produce foie gras, we 
replicate the natural gorging process of migratory waterfowl. By utilizing a special hand-
feeding process to optimize what nature gives us, we are able to produce high quality 
ducks. The result: a luxurious foie gras that is at once velvety and umami, and 
exceptional duck meat.
Historically, foie gras has been cooked in a paté or terrine and served cold. Over the 
last 25 years, led by the American palate, more people are enjoying foie gras seared 
and served hot with a sweet and tangy fruit garnish. The easiest way to experiment with 
searing is our individual sliced foie gras, which is pre-cut and perfectly suited for a 
delicious searing by the home chef. 
The Whole Duck
At Hudson Valley Foie Gras, we utilize the whole animal: bones, meat, feathers, offal – 
everything has a purpose. Careful farm practices produces a duck that allows us to offer 
our customers a wide range of unique products, from our seminal foie gras, to our 
meaty Magret, to our buttery duck fat.  
Visit our store and recipe section for delicious suggestions.

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