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The Foie Gras Canapé Kit

Product Review (submitted on November 19, 2015):
This is great news!!! The only thing I don't understand is the trend of combining foie with something so average as a hamburger or a hot dog? It's kind of like driving an F1 car but never taking it out of first gear, sure you look cool, you can probably go 100mph but why not do the work and shift and go 250? If you need your foie in forcemeat fashion why not read a book someone we know wrote that has a foie gras and duck sausage recipe in it. Or maybe have a pate en croute with foie in it? And if you need beef with your foie Tournedos Lili (2337) or tournedos favorite (2324) would do nicely. Sorry for the long post but I love foie gras!!!
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