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  1. The Grillmaster

    The Grillmaster


    Let us light your fire with the ultimate grill masters companion box. Guaranteed to make your neighbors jealous. 1 Lb Foie Gras Bratwurst (5 Links) 1 Lb Hot Links Duck Sausage (5 Links) 2 Lbs Ground Duck with Duck Bacon 2 Lbs Duck Tenderloins Learn More
  2. The Piggy Masquerade

    The Piggy Masquerade


    The Piggy Masquerade – YES with substitute of salami in beef casing I can’t believe it’s not pork! Put down the turkey bacon and make the move to DUCK! A selection of 100% pork-free products for your eating pleasure. 1 Lb Duck Bacon 1 Lb Sliced Duck Ham 1 Duck Prosciutto 1 Pack of Duck Sausage with Beef Casing Learn More
  3. The Heat & Eat

    The Heat & Eat


    Who says you must be a cook to enjoy the most luxurious meals? Put down the cookbooks and let our team of chefs handle the technical stuff. This box provides a wide array of fully cooked, ready to eat products delivered right to your door. Just heat & enjoy! 4 Petite Sous Vide Duck Breasts 4 Petite Duck Leg Confit 1lb Duck Bacon 1lb Hot Links Duck Sausage (5 links) Learn More
  4. The Cheeseboard Partner

    The Cheeseboard Partner


    We all know someone who prides themselves on fabricating the most exquisite charcuterie selection. Well, reign supreme with our incredible selection of ready to eat products that are guaranteed to perfectly compliment any selection of cheeses, fruits, & nuts, or good enough to serve alone. 1 Duck Salami 1 Duck Prosciutto 1 Applewood Smoked Petite Duck Breast 8oz Mousse of Foie Gras 8oz Duck Rillette 1 Box Toast Points 1 Strawberry Fruit Jam Learn More
  5. The Connoisseur

    The Connoisseur


    For the ultimate gourmand. A highlighted tour of Hudson Valley’s best. Inclusive of our most premium offerings. 1 A Grade Fresh Foie Gras 1 8oz torchon of Foie Gras 1 8oz White Truffle Butter) 1 Duck Prosciutto 1 8oz Foie Gras Mousse with Black Truffle 6 pack of Foie Brats (5 links) Learn More

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