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  1. Fresh Foie Gras (Duck) Grade "A"

    Fresh Foie Gras (Duck) Grade "A"


    Our foie gras is a delicacy that has been perfected over time, since 1982 to be exact. Smooth in texture, rich in flavor with a slightly nutty finish. 1.75-2.0 LBS each Learn More
  2.  Foie Gras (Duck) Grade "A" FROZEN

    Foie Gras (Duck) Grade "A" FROZEN


    1.5-1.75 LBS each Learn More
  3. Torchon of Duck Foie Gras

    Torchon of Duck Foie Gras


    Tradition meets modern technology! Our foie gras is marinated in Sauternes wine, salt, brown sugar and white pepper and rolled into the traditional cylindrical shape. Using the sous vide technique we gently cook this culinary treasure to a buttery texture, every time. Product is fully cooked. Ready to eat. Learn More
  4. Rendered Duck Foie Gras Fat

    Rendered Duck Foie Gras Fat


    Liquid foie gold! Our New Rendered Duck Foie Gras Fat is excellent for frying, sauteing, roasting and baking. 100% foie gras fat. Blend rendered foie gras fat with vegetable oil for a higher smoking point to fry your way to fancy. Melt butter and foie gras fat together to pour over popcorn for your next movie night! Other uses include roasting, pastry glaze, or a quick vinaigrette. Size: One Quart Keeps six months refrigerated. Learn More
  5. Sliced Applewood Smoked Duck Ham

    Sliced Applewood Smoked Duck Ham


    Pre-sliced package, ready to serve. Our duck magret is seasoned in a classic ham brine, then smoked over Applewood chips. 2 - 8oz. Packages Keeps two weeks refrigerated. Learn More
  6. Fresh Moulard Duck Legs And Thighs

    Fresh Moulard Duck Legs And Thighs


    Large and meaty, perfect for braising, roasting, and confit. Each pack of 6 weights approximately 5 lbs. Learn More
  7. Magret de Canard

    Magret de Canard


    Whole Moulard duck breasts (2 breasts / package), skin-on. Larger than any other duck breast with wonderful steak overtones and a deep red color. Keeps up to 1 week Package of 2 Keeps up to 1 week Learn More
  8. Applewood Smoked Duck Ham

    Applewood Smoked Duck Ham


    Our duck magret is seasoned in a classic ham brine, then netted and smoked using the always complementary applewood chips. Serving suggestions: Slice thin for sandwiches with Gruyere, butter and dijon on a fresh baguette. Heat whole in oven or in package in hot water, carve and serve with your favorite sides. Keeps refrigerated in package 10 weeks, 1 week after opening Fully cooked, ready to serve Learn More
  9. Applewood Smoked Magret de Canard (Smoked Duck Breast)

    Applewood Smoked Magret de Canard (Smoked Duck Breast)


    Succulent duck breasts hot-smoked over applewood chips. Fully cooked, skin-on, with just the right hint of sweet smokiness. Enjoy duck meat thinly sliced in salads and sandwiches, chopped into pastas and sauces, and heated whole for a great alternative meal. Package of 2 Learn More
  10. Applewood Smoked Duck Bacon - Sliced

    Applewood Smoked Duck Bacon - Sliced


    All quack, no slack! This duck bacon will make you a believer in thinking outside of the pig pen. Brined in our secret recipe of spices then smoked lovingly for hours to achieve the classic bacon flavor. Crisp in pan or oven to use anywhere bacon is appropriate, so everywhere, really. 2 - 8 oz. Packages Product is fully cooked ready to heat and eat. Keeps for 12 weeks in packaging. Learn More
  11. Hudson Valley Charcuterie Sampler

    Hudson Valley Charcuterie Sampler


    Out of stock

    One package each of our Dry Cured Duck Salami and Duck Prosciutto, as well as our Applewood Smoked Magret de Canard (smoked duck breast, package of two). Learn More
  12. Ground Duck with Duck Bacon

    Ground Duck with Duck Bacon


    Flavorful, juicy and addictive! Fresh duck meat and fat are ground with duck bacon and a touch of black pepper. No additional salt or seasonings are necessary. Perfect for stuffing roasts or for burgers, sandwiches,salads, meatballs, meatloaf, pastas, soups and stews. Dish in Picture by Chef Jenny Chamberlain - Ground Duck with Duck Bacon Slider - pan seared patty, slice of torchon, Mostarda de Cremona, chives, toasted potato bun. Sold : Raw, Frozen Pack size: 1lb Learn More
  13. Duck Leg Confit

    Duck Leg Confit


    Meaty moulard legs and thighs marinated in herbs and preserved in their own fat. Versatile and delicious. Fully cooked. Learn More
  14. Duck Rillettes

    Duck Rillettes


    High end comfort food at it's finest! Duck meat that is seasoned with garlic, herbs and spice is allowed to rest overnight to take on the medley of flavors. Next the meat is confited until tender, shredded and mixed with our housemade duck stock and rendered fat in just the right ratio for a delectable duck spread. Perfect on crusty fresh bread. FAIR WARNING, IT'S HARD TO STOP EATING THIS! Product is fully cooked, ready to eat Learn More
  15. Hudson Valley Sausage Sampler

    Hudson Valley Sausage Sampler


    One package each of our Applewood Smoked Foie Brats and our Applewood Smoked Duck Hot Links. Fully Cooked 4-5 links per package Learn More
  16. Applewood Smoked Foie Brat

    Applewood Smoked Foie Brat


    A touch of Sauternes wine with a sweet applewood smoke finish and a kiss of heat complement the earthy duck meat and nutty foie gras flavors in this sausage. A quick sear in a pan or on the grill is all that is needed to crisp the natural casings and heat and enjoy within minutes. 4-5 links per package Good in package 4 weeks, 1 week opened, keep refrigerated 100% duck, 20% foie gras, fully cooked Learn More
  17. Applewood Smoked Duck Hot Links

    Applewood Smoked Duck Hot Links


    Duck meat ..and duck fat ...and spices, Oh My! Perfect harmony of heat and flavor stuffed into natural pork casings. Crisp texture on the outside leading to a burst of flavor on the inside. This sausage is hot smoked producing a juicy, delicious all duck treat that is ready to eat in minutes. Product is fully cooked, ready to eat. 4-5 links per package. Cooking suggestions: Heat pan on stove over med-high heat, add sausages and crisp skin on each side or place on tray in oven at 375-400 to crisp and heat throughout . Learn More
  18. Thai Style Marinated Duck Breast

    Thai Style Marinated Duck Breast


    Out of stock

    These duck breasts are tumbled for extra tenderness in a house made Thai Style Marinade. A mix of spices, chilis, lemongrass. vinegar and more are blended to add layer upon layer of flavor without overpowering the duck. Product sold raw 2 breasts per package Average net wt 13 oz (6-7 oz per breast) Keeps 3 weeks in package Cooking Suggestions: Score skin and place in pan or on grill skin side down over low to medium heat. Allow the to cook slowly in order to render the fat while slowly crisping the skin for 5-7 minutes. Flip the breast and cook to desired doneness. Medium rare is recommended. Let the breast rest for 5-10 minutes to allow the juices to redistribute evenly. Slice and enjoy with your favorite summer sides or over top of a salad. Learn More
  19. Foie'camole+Barbacoa



    Foie'camole - 100% Foie Gras Mousse is enhanced with traditional guacamole seasonings, balanced with the right amount of heat producing our brand-new, one-of-a-kind: Duck Foie'camole. 8 oz container, fully-cooked, ready-to-eat, keeps 4 weeks in fridge, 1 week after opening. Barbacoa - Moulard duck breasts are stewed in house-made duck stock, lime juice, spices and chipotle peppers until falling apart tender. Life changing on it's own or even better paired with Chef Jenny Chamberlain's completely original Foie'camole. 16 oz container, fully-cooked, ready-to-eat, keeps 4 weeks in fridge, 2 weeks after opening. Learn More
  20. Dried Cured Duck Salami

    Dried Cured Duck Salami


    Our salami is made with 100% Hudson Valley duck. We use only the meat from the magret (duck breast) to ensure tenderness. The meat is blended with spices, fresh garlic, white wine and black pepper and stuffed into a natural pork casing, cured for 45 days and then hand tied. The salami is best served at room temperature and is excellent for use as part of an antipasto platter, as a snack, or chopped for use in soups and salads. 1 piece per package Learn More
  21. Duck Prosciutto

    Duck Prosciutto


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    Magret breasts are salt cured and carefully dried for days to produce the traditional prosciutto flavor. Serve with fruit, use as a wrap or use anywhere traditional prosciutto is found. Keeps 12 weeks in packaging. Learn More
  22. Duck Fat

    Duck Fat


    Liquid gold! Delicious rendered duck fat works perfectly to roast or saute your favorite meat and vegetables while adding a little extra flavor to your dish.

    Also great for frying and baking. Substitute for butter next time you make biscuits.

    Product is fully cooked, ready to eat. Keeps for 12 months in packaging.

    Learn More

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