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Duck for Cooking


Duck for Cooking

If you are like us, you appreciate the intoxicating aroma, deep amber color and crispy, crackly skin of a roasted duck; carving in you are welcomed by a juicy, tender interior complimented by a rosy hue. A slow braised confit, or perfectly rolled and season torchon is truly something to behold. Achieving cooking perfection required patience and precision, and in pairing our unmatched expertise of duck and incredibly talented team of Chef’s we have developed a line of flawlessly executed Duck products that are fully cooked and ready to eat. Put your trust in us and take the guesswork out of achieving true culinary nirvana.

  1. Slow Cooked Duck Wing Drumettes

    Slow Cooked Duck Wing Drumettes

    Size lb

    Redefining "fall off the bone". Our duck wing drumettes are seasoned and slow cooked until incredibly tender. Baked or fried, these are a meaty, crispy, addictive delight! Learn More
  2. Slow Cooked Spicy Chipotle Duck Wing Drumettes

    Slow Cooked Spicy Chipotle Duck Wing Drumettes

    Size lb

    Redefining "fall off the bone". Our duck wing drumettes are seasoned and slow cooked until incredibly tender. Baked or fried, these are a meaty, crispy, addictive delight! Learn More
  3. Magret Duck Breast

    Magret Duck Breast


    What makes our Ducks here at Hudson Valley so special? Since our start in 1990, we have utilized a cross breed between the Male Muscovy and the Female Pekin, This Moulard breed provides the optimal balance between size and texture while also benefiting the flavor and color creating a duck with exceptional characteristics. Our Magret Duck sets the standard with its mild gaminess and robust flavor. One taste and you can see why chef’s demand Hudson Valley Duck. Package of 2 breasts ~1lb each Learn More
  4. Fresh Duck Legs

    Fresh Duck Legs


    Our Moulard ducks are raised cage-free, in open barns, with no added antibiotics or growth hormones to produce legs with exceptional flavor. Roasted, cooked confit or braised these are a true culinary delight. Learn More
  5. HV Farms Whole Duck

    HV Farms Whole Duck


    Our whole Hudson Valley Duck is a proprietary breed exclusively farmed by Hudson Valley. Over time, we have perfected the hybrid of the Heritage Mallard and Pekin duck breeds. The flavor is reminiscent of the heritage-breed duck from France. The look and quality of the meat stand out. Learn More
  6. Slow Cooked Split Duck Half

    Slow Cooked Split Duck Half


    The perfect addition to the family dinner table, feeds 2+. Our split duck is pre-seasoned with salt and pepper, and slow roasted in house until incredible tender. Just heat in your oven for a restaurant quality meal in minutes. Learn More
  7. Slow Cooked Select Duck Legs

    Slow Cooked Select Duck Legs


    In continuous pursuit of perfection, our chefs crafted a specialty cooking method developed exclusively for our Moulard duck. The results are an exceptionally flavorful, incredibly fork-tender leg that is one that we can't stop gushing over. Quickly heat and you are ready to eat. Learn More
  8. Pre Sous Vide Duck Breast

    Pre Sous Vide Duck Breast


    Duck is best cooked medium rare to medium, which offers the perfect balance of tenderness and texture. By utilizing sous vide cooking methods we can achieve flawless cooking precision that is not possible with more traditional cooking methods. This duck breast comes fully cooked and already seasoned throughout. Simply crisp the skin, heat, and enjoy! Sous-Vide: Translated to “Under Pressure” is a recently adopted method of cooking utilizing a temperature-controlled water bath that maintains an exact temperature (within 1/10 of a degree!). We then take our seasoned duck and place it under a vacuum seal to ensure it retains all its flavor and juices. The duck is then cooked "low and slow" to achieve optimal tenderness and flavor. Learn More
  9. Duck Bone Broth

    Duck Bone Broth

    Size lb

    New shelf stable HV Farms duck bone broth. The long simmering time produces a gelatinous broth that sticks to your lips and stays on your mind. Excellent on its own for sipping, especially on a cool fall day, or for soup and sauce starters. Make your own bowl of ramen or pho or simply heat and consume for the traditional flavors of these iconic dishes. The Gentle back heat of the orange black pepper is both warming and awakening. Refrigerate after opening. 2 year shelf life. Learn More
  10. Applewood Smoked Duck Bacon

    Applewood Smoked Duck Bacon


    Our magret duck breast is seasoned in a top-secret spice blend and gently smoked over applewood for several hours to achieve the perfect bacon flavor. Product is pre-sliced. Learn More
  11. Thai Style Marinated Duck Breast

    Thai Style Marinated Duck Breast


    Start with our incredibly flavorful magret duck breast and add in ginger, lemongrass, a fresh garlic and you are invited to mouthwateringly delicious culinary experience. Our Thai style marinade is fortified with dark soy, brown sugar, and a touch of rice wine vinegar to create a marinade that is layered, complex, and irresistible. Learn More
  12. Duck Leg Confit

    Duck Leg Confit


    Legs & thigh of our Moulard Duck are overnight marinated in herbs and spices before a slow cook in seasoned duck fat. These tender, fall off the bone legs make for not only an exceptional meal but impressive presentation guaranteed to jazz up every meal. Learn More
  13. Ground Duck with Duck Bacon

    Ground Duck with Duck Bacon


    Better, Faster, Stronger…. If you thought ground beef was versatile meet its cooler cousin. Our Ground Duck is fortified with smokey duck bacon for the ultimate upgrade to any dish. Make mouthwatering burgers, delectable meatballs, sensational duck tacos, or upgrade moms old meatloaf recipe. The uses are endless. Learn More
  14. Smoked Duck Hot Links

    Smoked Duck Hot Links


    A Snappy exterior provided by our hot smoking and precision cooking process lends way to a juicy and tender interior with a burst of flavor and mild heat. A kiss on the grill for a subtle char and these mouthwatering eats are ready to enjoy. We also find them delicious cubed and skillet cooked for an unforgettable duck hash or omelet filling. Learn More
  15. Rendered Duck Foie Gras Fat

    Rendered Duck Foie Gras Fat


    100% foie gras, 100% delicious, our liquid gold! Our foie gras fat is excellent for frying, sautéing, roasting and baking while providing the luxurious nutty finish that is revered by food lovers everywhere. Tip: Blend rendered foie gras fat with vegetable oil for a higher smoking point to fry your way to fancy. Melt foie gras fat to pour over popcorn for your next movie night! Other uses include roasting, searing, sauces, and dressings. Learn More
  16. Rendered Duck Fat

    Rendered Duck Fat

    Size Gallons

    Two words come to mind, Liquid Gold. Our moulard ducks are slowly rendered to release their exceptional goodness. Our specialty filtration process provides a purified fat that is the perfect application for anywhere you would use butter or oil, with the added bonus of its exquisite flavor. Learn More

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