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  1. Slow Cooked Select Duck Legs

    Slow Cooked Select Duck Legs


    In continuous pursuit of perfection, our chefs crafted a specialty cooking method developed exclusively for our Moulard duck. The results are an exceptionally flavorful, incredibly fork-tender leg that is one that we can't stop gushing over. Quickly heat and you are ready to eat. Learn More
  2. Slow Cooked Duck Wing Drumettes

    Slow Cooked Duck Wing Drumettes


    Redefining "fall off the bone". Our duck wing drumettes are seasoned and slow cooked until incredibly tender. Baked or fried, these are a meaty, crispy, addictive delight! Learn More
  3. Duck Bone Broth

    Duck Bone Broth

    Size lb

    New shelf stable HV Farms duck bone broth. The long simmering time produces a gelatinous broth that sticks to your lips and stays on your mind. Excellent on its own for sipping, especially on a cool fall day, or for soup and sauce starters. Make your own bowl of ramen or pho or simply heat and consume for the traditional flavors of these iconic dishes. The Gentle back heat of the orange black pepper is both warming and awakening. Refrigerate after opening. 2 year shelf life. Learn More

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